The employer’s point of view

For the employer, a modern and flexible occupational pension scheme is an effective means of acquiring and retaining employees. At the same time, however, it is a significant cost factor that requires active management.
Even as the scheme is being set up, all of the integral components must be selected carefully with future developments in mind. While in force, the scheme should also be audited regularly and adjustments made where necessary. Drawing on their extensive, long-standing experience and taking into account your ideas and requirements, our experts present you with options for the optimum setup, design and financing of your occupational pension scheme, including first-class risk management.

Benefits of an occupational pension scheme (OPS) at a glance
The OPS model is highly regarded by companies
Provision of benefits in case of illness, disability, early retirement and old age
German citizens cannot estimate their pension shortfall
OPS payouts are significantly underestimated by employees
Healthcare management with supplementary occupational health insurance
Working time accounts – another persuasive HR instrument
To get the best, you have to offer the best