The employee’s point of view

In the current climate, personal pension planning is absolutely essential for virtually all employees.

Retirement arrangements and occupational disability income insurance are two of the fundamental building blocks of responsible planning for the future.

This necessary protection will prove to be very expensive when financed by individual agreements and from net income.

This is why the occupational pension scheme (OPS) – with professional support services provided by TPC – has such a particular appeal, and that applies to every interested employee:

1. Attractive terms: the company passes on its corporate terms to its employees.
2. Tax savings: premiums are paid out of gross income.
3. Personal advice: our consultants provide individual, one-on-one advice.
4. Individual solutions: TPC offers independent plans tailored to suit personal circumstances.
5. No-hassle service provision: our consultants visit company premises to offer advice on-site.
6. Continuing support: TPC remains at your side even if you change employers.

Provision of benefits in case of illness, disability, early retirement and old age
German citizens cannot estimate their pension shortfall
Boost your pension with the help of your employer
OPS payouts are significantly underestimated by employees