History of TPC

1955 Founding of consultancy office by Dr. Roos, Hanover

  • Opening and supervision of public services supplementary pension schemes
  •  As an outcome of a cooperation with the audit firm Wollburg, BERAG (Beratungsgesellschaft für betriebliche Altersvorsorge und Versicherungsmathematik mbH) is founded
  • The consultancy’s main focus lies on actuarial mathematics and legal support
  • Management of employer-funded pension schemes

1989 Acquisition of BERAG by insurance broker C. Wuppesahl, Bremen

  • Expansion of services to include expert tendering and procurement of funding instruments for pension obligations

1993 Change of company name to BERAG

  • Founding of BERAG Insurance Broker GmbH as full subsidiary of BERAG

1999 Founding of TPC THE PENSION CONSULTANCY GmbH, Hamburg

  • Consultancy for occupational pensions in various sectors
  • Development of customized industry-specific pension solutions
  • Development of target group-specific communication concepts
  • Employee consultation on occupational pensions
  • Ongoing supervision and management of occupational pension solutions

2004 TPC develops VDMA Pension Management™

  • Support of VDMA (German Engineering Enterprises Foundation) members as one of Europe’s largest employers’ associations in respect of occupational pension solutions.

2004 Acquisition of BERAG by MLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG (MLP FDL AG)

  • Expansion of expertise in occupational pension provision at MLP (Germany’s largest independent consultancy firm) to include legal services, business consultancy and actuarial mathematics
  • 2005 TPC develops VDMA Lifetime Accounts™
  • First industry-specific solution for early retirement as an alternative to statutory or contractual partial retirement
  • Staff participation in financing of partial and early retirement models

2006 Founding of TPC THE PRIVATE CONSULTANCY GmbH, Hamburg

  • Consultation for business owners, boards and executives
  • Development of comprehensive assets- and pension scheme concepts including company pension modules

2008 Acquisition of TPC by MLP FDL AG

  • Expansion of MLP’s consultation expertise thanks to TPC’s specialization in association solutions, demographic consultancy, staff communication and administration
  • TPC expands its Germany-wide consultancy presence in 170 MLP branch offices with 1,200 licensed occupational pension consultants
  • Consultation expertise for business owners, boards and executives thanks to highly-qualified MLP consultants specialized for academic target groups

2008 Merger of BERAG and TPC

  • Strengthening of independent, expert consultancy activities in occupational pension scheme management (analysis and evaluation of concepts, tendering and supervision of tenders, etc.)

2009 TPC develops VDA Pension Management™

  • Support of VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) as one of Europe’s most influential employers’ associations

2012 TPC becomes a member of the International Benefits Network (IBN)

  • Worldwide support of internationally active corporate clients from over 70 countries
  • Exclusive IBN partner for the consultation and support of German branch offices of international clients from worldwide network members
  • Expansion of services to include: international benefit consulting, expatriate management, global brokerage & multinational pooling, international accounting


  • Underscores the holistic consultation and service offer pertaining to occupational pension scheme management
  • Expansion of services to include the fields of compensation optimization and occupational health management