Overseas employees

The globalisation of the economy shows no signs of slowing down. A company’s presence in new markets, its global division of labour and international project work require an even higher degree of employee mobility – not merely within a single country but even across national boundaries. For many companies, trips abroad and the delegation or relocation of employees overseas is part and parcel of daily operations.

TPC ensures the provision of local support for customers worldwide by drawing on international experts from the
International Benefit Network and coordinating all related activities. We have also developed solutions tailored specifically to the growing number of internationally mobile workers such as expats and third-country nationals.

Service overview

International benefits consulting

  • Benefit audits and international benchmarking
  • Global benefits management
  • Due Diligence (M&As) on the acquisition of foreign companies

Expatriate management

  • Salary calculation and pension solutions incl. risk insurance
  • Country-specific recommendations re social security, labour and taxation law
  • Comprehensive provision of information, assessments and solutions re risk insurance and social security
  • Relocation services (local authority visits, work permits, visas, removals, intercultural training, etc.)

Global brokerage and multinational pooling

  • Audits and analyses
  • Implementation of multinational pools
  • Management of global insurance programmes

International financial reporting

  • Worldwide coordination of necessary appraisals
  • Consolidation of results
  • Actuarial services

We are happy to provide you with support for the reorientation or review of your specific policies for overseas trips and the delegation or relocation of employees.

ibn-globe-1  TPC is a member of the International Benefits Network: www.internationalbenefits.net